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Amazon’s New Offer of Free Gift Cards and Generous Discounts for Trading In Old Devices

Amazon has announced a groundbreaking promotion offering free gift cards and generous discounts in exchange for trading in old devices. 

The initiative aims not only to encourage customers to upgrade their gadgets but also to promote sustainable practices by recycling electronics.

Starting next month, Amazon customers will have the opportunity to trade in their old smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other eligible electronic devices in return for Amazon gift cards. The value of the gift card will depend on the device’s age, condition, and market value. 

Additionally, participants will receive exclusive discounts on a range of new devices, including the latest Amazon Echo smart speakers, Kindle e-readers, and Fire tablets.

The program comes as part of Amazon’s ongoing commitment to reducing electronic waste and promoting a more circular economy. By incentivizing customers to trade in their old devices instead of discarding them, the company aims to extend the lifespan of electronics and minimize their environmental impact.

“We believe in creating innovative solutions that benefit both our customers and the planet,” said Sarah Thompson, Vice President of Sustainability at Amazon. “This trade-in program aligns with our goals of reducing waste and offering our customers great value on the latest technology.”

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Amazon Promotes Responsible Device Upgrades via Trade-In Program

Amazon has announced a groundbreaking promotion offering free gift cards and generous discounts in exchange for trading in old devices.


Amazon’s trade-in process is designed to be simple and user-friendly. Customers can check the eligibility of their devices on the Amazon Trade-In website, receive an estimated trade-in value, and then ship their old gadgets to Amazon using prepaid shipping labels. 

Once received and verified, participants will receive their Amazon gift cards, which can be used to purchase a wide range of products across the platform.

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, this promotion could not only entice users to stay up-to-date with the latest devices but also play a pivotal role in minimizing electronic waste. 

With its enticing combination of free gift cards and substantial discounts, Amazon’s new trade-in offer is poised to reshape the way customers think about upgrading their gadgets while contributing to a more sustainable future.

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