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Shooting Incident in Alabaster: One Injured, Hospitalized at UAB

In the city of Birmingham, located in the state of Alabama, a distressing incident unfolded involving a shooting. The incident specifically occurred within the confines of Alabaster, a suburb of Birmingham, on a Sunday afternoon.

This incident took place in close proximity to a Texaco gas station situated along Industrial Road, a notable thoroughfare in the area. The Texaco gas station, serving as a common point of commercial activity, became the backdrop for this unfortunate event.

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Rapid Response: Alabaster Police Spring into Action Amid Gunshot Incident

In the city of Birmingham, located in the state of Alabama, a distressing incident unfolded involving a shooting.


In response to this alarming situation, the local law enforcement agency, recognized as the Alabaster Police Department (Alabaster PD), took swift action. They promptly responded to an emergency call reporting gunshots fired in the vicinity. The urgency of the situation prompted a rapid mobilization of police officers to the scene.

Arriving at the scene of the incident at approximately 12:20 PM, the law enforcement officers were met with a concerning sight. They discovered a black male who had sustained gunshot wounds. The severity of the injuries necessitated immediate attention, and the law enforcement officers acted quickly to ensure that the wounded individual received the necessary medical care.

In collaboration with first responders and medical personnel, the injured individual was swiftly transported to the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Hospital. This medical facility, known for its expertise in providing advanced healthcare services, became the focal point for addressing the gunshot-related injuries.

The injured individual’s condition, as per the most recent update available, is reported to be stable. This positive development indicates that, while his injuries are serious, they are not considered life-threatening, and he is undergoing medical treatment to aid in his recovery.

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Source: WBRC

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