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Ecuador Struggles with Division After Violent Election Campaign

The final week of Ecuador’s election campaign was thrown off course by Fernando Villavicencio’s murder.

After a deadly campaign, Ecuadoreans were eager to hear from all eight candidates who spoke about the importance of peace and security.

In the northern province of Esmeraldas, a local politician was slain soon after Mr. Villavicencio’s passing, and many people feared there might be more.

Fortunately, Sunday’s elections went off without a hitch, but none of the candidates received enough votes to avoid a run-off. Because of this, there is even more uncertainty as the election season approaches in October.

Luisa Gonzalez, a leftist contender, received 33% of the vote and promised extensive social aid programs. Her victory wasn’t unexpected because she had been the favorite.

The second-place candidate, though, was less anticipated. Daniel Noboa, a young businessman, received 24% of the vote thanks to a strong showing in the previous discussion.

On Sunday, security was the main concern as Ecuadorians went to the polls.

Analysts concur that the aggressive campaign has caused many individuals to reconsider their minds about this.

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Ecuadorians Unite for Peace

The final week of Ecuador’s election campaign was thrown off course by Fernando Villavicencio’s murder.

Tamia and Amanda Villavicencio, the daughters of Fernando Villavicencio, voted on Sunday while decked up in white. It was a warning to their father’s killers that they would uphold his legacy of advocating for peaceful change in the nation.

 Tamia had a strong, dark blue line drawn over her face using huito fruit ink, which is a common face painting technique used by indigenous groups in Ecuador.

 According to her sister Amanda, many Ecuadoreans have been awakened by the passing of their father, who they regarded as their best friend.

 President Rafael Correa, a leftist populist who invested in programs for health and education, served as the catalyst for the political movement. Afterwards, he became embroiled in corruption allegations and is currently in exile in Belgium.

He is still a powerful political force in Ecuador, nevertheless.

Mr. Correa’s protege Luisa González represents the “correismo” vote.

In the meanwhile, Daniel Noboa will win the support of those who want to put an end to Mr. Correa and who hold him mostly responsible for Ecuador’s problems.

 Notwithstanding the political division in this nation, the pursuit of peace and security unifies Ecuadoreans, and this will be the focus of the campaigning as the country moves on to a second round.

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Source: BBC

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