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Lamborghini’s First EV Mirrors Brand DNA, Affirms CEO

This year’s Monterey Auto Week saw the launch of Lamborghini’s first-ever electric vehicle, which was years ahead of schedule.

The Lamborghini Lanzador concept is what the manufacturer refers to as a “high ground-clearance GT,” with only two doors and a 2+2 seating configuration. Although more coupe or sedan-like in presence and footprint, the Lanzador appears to have a footprint similar to that of the Urus SUV.

Several people were surprised to learn that Lamborghini is introducing the Lanzador model so long in advance of its real release because it is intended to be released in 2028 as part of the company’s Direzione Cor Tauri electrification strategy.

Nonetheless, a four-door vehicle often comes to mind when most people think of high ground clearance vehicles with two rows of seats. Not in this case, since Lamborghini wants to preserve the air of sportiness.

Winklemann claims that the sporty two door appearance combined with the high ground clearance is “the best out of two worlds” for the brand’s aesthetics.

According to Lamborghini, the Lanzador has an all-electric drive arrangement with an electric motor on each axle that, under certain circumstances, can provide a peak power of over one megawatt, which is equal to over 1,000 horsepower.

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Lamborghini Unveils Lanzador

This year’s Monterey Auto Week saw the launch of Lamborghini’s first-ever electric vehicle, which was years ahead of schedule.

Active e-torque vectoring, which allows power to be directed on the rear axle from left to right, is another feature of the all-wheel drive system that, according to the manufacturer, provides for more “dynamic cornering behavior,”

Exterior-wise, the vehicle differs significantly from other Lamborghinis, as was already established, but it is clear how it is related to the recently revived Countach and the current Urus SUV.

The hefty forward-looking interior and sharp lines and creases give the Lanzador the appearance of an extraterrestrial python from another dimension, according to Lamborghini head of design Mitja Borkert, who said that the Lanzador was inspired by “spaceships,”

 Internally, the cockpit is designed like a jet fighter by Lamborghini, with sharp angles and a variety of different textures and materials. According to Lamborghini, the interior will be finished with recycled plastic, 100% merino wool, which is basically 100% renewable, and leather that has been sourced sustainably.

Lamborghini did not disclose price or an exact release date because this is still a concept car and will likely be quite similar to the production vehicle that will be released in a few years, but the firm has stated that a 2028 debut of the production model is anticipated.

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