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Tragedy Strikes as Private Jet Crashes onto Malaysian Highway, Claiming 8 Lives Onboard and 2 on Ground

At least 10 people were killed after private jet slammed on roadway on the outskirts of Malaysia’s capital on Thursday, according to officials.

Dramatic videos published on social media showed the tragedy, which left all eight persons on board dead as well as two motorists on the ground.

Video footage shows the explosion of a jet, which triggered a series of fireballs before black smoke rises into the air and devastation on the ground.

Before the crash, the aircraft had taken off from a resort island in Langkawi and was en route to Kuala Lumpur.

According to a statement released on Thursday by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM), a Beechcraft Model 390 (Premire 1) carrying six passengers and two flight crew crashed in a dramatic manner near Elmina township just before it was scheduled to land at the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Kuala Lumpur.

Selangor police head Hussien Omar Khan told reporters that the jet lost control and crashed into a car and a motorcycle on the roadway.

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Investigation Underway

In the outskirts of Malaysia’s capital on Thursday, a private jet collided into a highway, killing at least 10, according to officials.

According to The Associated Press, which cited the police head, all eight passengers on the private flight died, as did the two drivers of the two automobiles that were damaged.

One of the casualties of the collision was the pilot Shahrul Kamal Roslan, who was survived by his wife and four boys.

Around 2:51 pm local time, or 2:51 am ET, the control tower noticed smoke coming from the crash location, but the jet did not issue a mayday call, he continued.

According to the AP, Transport Minister Anthony Loke stated that the investigations were still ongoing during a news conference on Thursday.

According to the AP, he also said that the officials were looking for the plane’s black box to determine the reason of the crash and that the remains had been sent to a hospital for identification.

An inquiry for comment from NBC News did not receive a prompt response from the minister of transportation.

The aircraft was run by a Malaysian private jet firm, Jet Valet Sdn Bhd, according to the CAAM statement.

A request for comment from NBC News went unanswered.

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Source: NBC News

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