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Rare Tropical Cyclone Hilary Intensifies Near Mexican Coast, Eyes California Landfall

Hurricane Hilary, a powerful and rapidly intensifying storm, escalated to a formidable Category 4 hurricane off the Pacific coast of Mexico. Its sustained winds reached an impressive 145 mph, indicating its immense strength.

Although predictions suggest that Hilary will gradually lose some of its intensity, it is expected to maintain its hurricane status as it moves toward Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula.

This impending approach raises the possibility of a relatively uncommon occurrence: a tropical storm impacting Southern California, which hasn’t experienced such an event in over eight decades.

Recognizing the potential severity of this situation, the Mexican government extended warnings to encompass areas within Baja California Sur state and parts of the mainland. This decision underscores the anticipated risks and challenges associated with Hilary’s trajectory.

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Weather Warnings: Hurricane Hilary’s Rainfall to Trigger Flooding and Landslides

Hurricane Hilary, a powerful and rapidly intensifying storm, escalated to a formidable Category 4 hurricane off the Pacific coast of Mexico.


One of the most concerning aspects of Hurricane Hilary is the substantial amount of rainfall it is predicted to bring. The Southwestern United States, particularly areas like southern California and Nevada, are likely to be affected by heavy downpours. This could lead to significant flooding and related issues, posing a threat to residents and infrastructure in these regions.

In response to the impending threat, even beyond Mexico’s borders, SpaceX made the decision to postpone a satellite launch. This move is a precautionary measure due to unfavorable conditions in the Pacific that could hinder the recovery of the rocket booster.

Looking ahead, meteorologists have forecast an excess of rainfall for Southern California, spanning from Sunday to Tuesday. The potential for prolonged and intense rainfall raises concerns about flooding, landslides, and other weather-related challenges.

Furthermore, there is a possibility that the weakened Hurricane Hilary might make landfall along the Mexican coast, potentially impacting areas between Playas de Rosarito and Ensenada. The exact path of the storm remains uncertain, but preparedness efforts are underway.

In light of the potential risks, the city of Yuma has proactively taken steps to prepare its residents for potential impacts. They have established a self-serve sandbag filling station, allowing residents to access sand and empty bags to create sandbags. This proactive measure aims to mitigate potential damage and help residents protect their property in the event of flooding.

Overall, Hurricane Hilary’s rapid intensification, anticipated impact on Mexico and the Southwestern United States, and rare potential for a tropical storm to affect Southern California have prompted a series of precautionary and preparedness measures across the regions in its path.

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