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Delving into Netflix’s Unyielding Algorithm: Axing Loved Shows and Defining Your Viewing Options

In recent months, the prominent streaming platform has made the decision to cancel a series of high-profile shows. The method by which the streaming service determines whether a show warrants another season has now come to light.

Netflix employs the services of a third-party company to evaluate the performance of each of its titles. This assessment revolves around a key metric known as completion rates, which essentially measure the proportion of viewers who have watched an entire show from its beginning to its end.

For a series to secure a renewal, the completion rate needs to exceed 50%, signaling to Netflix executives that there is a strong enough interest and engagement among viewers to justify producing more episodes.

Unlike traditional television networks, Netflix benefits from a more comprehensive and intricate understanding of its audience. The platform possesses the ability to access detailed insights into the demographics and viewing behaviors of its viewers.

In the current year, Netflix has chosen to discontinue several shows, including Sex/Life, Human Resources, Sex Education, and Young Wallander. In many cases, shows that receive significant attention online may only attract a relatively small and dedicated fan base, resulting in limited viewership.

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Gaming Endeavors: Netflix’s Strategic Move to Diversify Entertainment

In recent months, the prominent streaming platform has made the decision to cancel a series of high-profile shows.


Simultaneously, Netflix is expanding its horizons by offering playable games on larger screens, such as TVs and computers, rather than solely on smartphones. This move is being introduced to a select group of subscribers in the UK and Canada through a beta trial.

The initial trial includes two games: “Oxenfree” from Night School Studio, a game developed by Netflix’s own game studio, and “Molehew’s Mining Adventure,” an arcade-style game centered around gem mining.

For subscribers curious about this new gaming feature, it’s advised to log in to and check whether the gaming option appears in the coming weeks, as eligibility for this offering may vary.

Netflix has been striving to establish a presence in the gaming industry for some time, as evidenced by the recent introduction of a game controller app for iOS devices earlier in the month. This strategic expansion aligns with Netflix’s ongoing efforts to diversify its entertainment offerings and appeal to a broader audience.

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Source: The US Sun

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