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Arizona Woman Stumbles Upon Snake in Her Home’s Least Favorable Spot

Michelle Lespron, an Arizona resident, had an unnerving experience upon returning home from a trip. As she entered her bathroom, she was confronted by an unexpected and startling sight: a sizable black snake had taken up residence in her toilet.

Alarmed by the situation, she promptly reached out to a professional pest control company known as Rattlesnake Solutions for assistance.

In a turn of events that would soon capture the attention of the online world, a video was taken as the pest control employee skillfully extracted the snake from the toilet. The video gained widespread attention on the internet due to its shocking nature.

The snake, during its removal, exhibited defensive behavior by hissing at the camera and even appearing to bite the employee. This viral footage left many astonished, although there were skeptics who questioned the authenticity of the incident at first.

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Expert Confirms Identity of Toilet Snake

Michelle Lespron, an Arizona resident, had an unnerving experience upon returning home from a trip.


Subsequent investigations by experts confirmed that the snake in question was a species known as a black and pink coachwhip snake. These non-venomous snakes, typically found in the arid deserts of the southwestern United States, are recognized for their agile movements and harmless nature.

Measuring between 3 to 4 feet in length, the coachwhip snake was safely captured by the experienced handler from Rattlesnake Solutions and later released back into its natural habitat, away from human dwellings.

While the episode undoubtedly left a lasting impression on Michelle Lespron, she eventually managed to overcome her initial apprehension. Gradually, she resumed using her bathroom facilities, albeit with a heightened sense of caution.

The encounter served as a reminder of the unpredictability of nature’s interactions with human environments and highlighted the importance of coexisting with the wildlife that shares our surroundings.

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Source: FOX

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