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US FBI Detains a Prominent Pro-Beijing Figure for Alleged Justice Obstruction

A group of leaders within the overseas Chinese community, among them Michael Su, find themselves confronted with serious legal allegations. The charges revolve around their failure to register as foreign agents and their alleged involvement in obstruction of justice by tampering with evidence during ongoing FBI investigations.

Michael Su, a resident of Queens, New York, has emerged as a central figure in this case. Notably, he owns and operates a restaurant strategically situated in close proximity to significant institutions such as the United Nations and various foreign embassies. This geographical proximity raises questions about potential connections and interactions between his establishment and diplomatic circles.

Furthermore, Su’s involvement extends beyond the restaurant business. He is associated with an agency that claims to facilitate the admission of Chinese students into prestigious American educational institutions. This enterprise, which he owns, is currently under scrutiny by the FBI for its operations and practices.

In addition to his ventures, Michael Su holds a prominent position as the head of the North American Chinese Technology and Industry Association (NACASTC). This organization holds a notable presence in the academic and business domains, indicating Su’s involvement in a range of influential spheres.

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From Flight to Bail: Michael Su’s Arrest Fuels Examination of Case’s Intricacies

A group of leaders within the overseas Chinese community, among them Michael Su, find themselves confronted with serious legal allegations.


Significantly, Su’s recent arrest occurred under circumstances that raised suspicions. His attempt to flee and reported efforts to hinder investigative efforts suggest a potential intent to evade legal consequences. These actions have amplified attention to the case and its implications.

Of particular interest is the possibility of connections between Michael Su, United Nations officials, and Chinese missions. The proximity of his restaurant to the UN headquarters and his alleged dealings with diplomatic entities emphasize the need for a thorough investigation into any potential ties.

Presently, Michael Su has been granted bail, indicating that he awaits trial while out of custody. Despite attempts to seek comments and insights from Su’s legal representatives and associated entities, responses have not been received, leaving key aspects of the case unanswered and subject to further examination.

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Source: The Epoch Times

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