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Messi Strikes Again as Inter Miami Advances to Leagues Cup Semifinals with 4-0 Victory over Charlotte

The ongoing series of victories for Inter Miami coincides with Lionel Messi’s uninterrupted run of goal-scoring accomplishments.

During the evening of Friday, Inter Miami secured a 4-0 victory against Charlotte in a Leagues Cup quarterfinal match. This victory occurred subsequent to Messi’s goal in the 86th minute, furthering his tally to eight goals across five matches for his newly joined team.

In each of Messi’s five appearances with the Miami team, he has managed to contribute a goal.

The Leagues Cup, a tournament featuring 47 teams from Major League Soccer and Mexico’s premier league, has now reached its penultimate stage. 

The recipient of the Ballon d’Or award on seven occasions, who notably guided Argentina to a World Cup victory last year, has maintained an unblemished record against Miami. In all five of their encounters, he has emerged triumphant.

For Inter Miami, goals were also netted by Josef Martinez and Robert Thomas. During the latter stages of the second half, Messi’s persistent pressure led to another goal, with Messi ultimately delivering the match-winning goal in the closing moments.

Around the 30-minute mark, Messi was presented with his initial meaningful opportunity, arising from a swift succession of adept passes along the left side of the penalty area, granting him an approximately 6-yard chance. 

However, the goalkeeper for Charlotte, Kristijan Kahlina, managed to block his shot, preserving the 1-0 lead at that juncture.

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Messi’s Impact in Inter Miami’s Victory

Both Inter Miami’s winning streak and Lionel Messi’s goal-scoring streak continue.

Another fantastic opportunity presented itself when Messi passed to Taylor in the 69th minute, received it back, and had an open goal. However, his attempt from approximately 12 yards out in the center of the box was deflected away.

After Dixon Arroyo was fouled inside the penalty area in the 12th minute, Martinez converted the resulting penalty kick to give Inter Miami the lead.

Following Inter Miami’s unsuccessful claim that Charlotte had committed a handball, which would have also resulted in the granting of a penalty kick, followed that foul.

After receiving a feed from DeAndre Yedlin towards the top of the box, Taylor blasted a one-timer off Kahlina’s hand to bring the score to 2-0.

In order to set up his second goal of the evening, Yedlin intercepted a pass on the right flank, waited for Taylor, who pointed to the exact location where he wanted the ball and put it there.

After an own goal made it 3-0, Messi sealed the victory.

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Source: US News

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