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Unexpected Winter Sizzle: South America Undergoing Extreme Heatwave

Despite being in the middle of winter, parts of South America are sweating in unusually warm temperatures as a result of a mix of human-caused climate change and the advent of El Nino.

As a result of a heat wave that started in July and brought temperatures that were far above average for this time of year, nations in the Southern Cone, such as Chile and Argentina, have experienced summer-like conditions.

According to CNN, South America is seeing a “fierce winter heat wave,” according to scientist Maximiliano Herrera, who monitors severe temperatures throughout the world.

Although the continent has seen such heat waves before, Herrara noted that this one had “exceptional characteristics for its area, duration, intensity, and being early August,” adding that in the first half of August, dozens of stations are recording their highest temperatures ever.

The Southern Hemisphere’s August corresponds to the Northern Hemisphere’s February.

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Winter Warm-Up

According to Chile’s environment minister, Maisa Rojas, the world has been dealing with harsh weather for several weeks. Chile and South America were the focus yesterday, as she wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

Herrara said that temperatures in the rough region of the Chilean Andes reached 38.9 degrees Celsius (102 degrees Fahrenheit) on Tuesday. He dubbed the event “unbelievable” for midwinter and “rewriting all climatic books.”

In February, the hottest month of the year, temperatures in the Coquimbo area of northern Chile often range around 22 degrees Celsius (72 degrees Fahrenheit). But this year, in the middle of winter, they have risen significantly.

On August 2, the Vicua commune reached 37.1 degrees Celsius (98.8 degrees Fahrenheit). According to a representative of the Chilean Meteorological Directorate, “This temperature is the highest recorded in this period in the entire country of Chile.”

In addition, it is the second-warmest winter on record for the nation, which extends from June through August. The highest temperature ever recorded in Copiapó was 37.3 degrees Celsius (99.1 degrees Fahrenheit) in August 1951.

According to Raul Cordero, a climatologist from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, “Tuesday was likely the warmest winter day in northern Chile in 72 years,” he told CNN.

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Source: CNN

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