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Leading Black Fraternity Withdraws Convention from Florida Due to Harmful and Racist Policies

Leading Black Fraternity Withdraws Convention from Florida Due to Harmful and Racist Policies


The biggest black fraternity and other black organizations declared that they would move their conventions out of Florida due to the state’s “harmful, racist, and insensitive policies against the black community.”

The 99th General Convention and 119th Anniversary Convention of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, which were slated to take place in Orlando, Florida, in 2025, will now be held in another city, according to an announcement made by Dr. Willis L. Lonzer III, general president of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, on Thursday, July 26, during a current convention.

African Americans who experienced slavery benefited from the horrifying and cruel institution, according to the new controversial K–12 curriculum for African American history, which was described by APAF as blaming the slaves’ victims and ignoring Florida’s part in slavery and tyranny.

The announcement was made by the APAF on the first day of its 97th General Convention and 117th Anniversary Convention, which is currently taking place in Dallas, Texas, and “amplifies” They used as their motto “Strengthening the Brotherhood and Standing for Social Justice.”

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African American Fraternity 

They said that the convention is expected to have an “economic impact” of $4.6 million on the Sunshine State. “Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. has a tradition of social justice, activism, and leadership for the black community that is unrivaled,” stated Lonzer.

“Alpha Phi Alpha refuses to direct a projected $4.6 million convention economic impact to a place hostile to the communities we serve in this climate of manufactured division and attacks on the black community,” he continued. 

“Even though we are moving our convention out of Florida, Alpha Phi Alpha will still stand firmly with the Alpha Brothers and other supporters who are opposing Governor Ron DeSantis ongoing attacks on our communities in Florida.

A coalition of organizations opposing DeSantis’ proposals includes APAF. Other groups, like the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), are moving their meetings out of the state, according to FOX 13.

The APAF, which has welcomed more than 175,000 new members since its foundation in 1906, did not immediately reply to a request for comment from Fox News Digital.

This comes after a letter condemning the new requirements was apparently written to the Florida State Board of Education by 11 organizations, including the NAACP. Even officials in the Biden administration have expressed their opposition to the Florida DOE.

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Source: foxnews

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