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Examining Gen Z in the Workplace: Misconceptions and Realities

Young professionals are entering the workforce after a worldwide lockout after having completed at least one semester of their college coursework online.

Some supervisors told The Wall Street Journal in a report this week that the lack of practical training may have caused Gen Zers to be incompetent or lazy when it comes to carrying out simple duties at work.

Director at the John Ball Zoo Laura Davis told the Journal that “they’re not looking to be productive.” “Their inclination is not to self-identify what they can do—it is to do nothing if they’re not told what to do, if someone isn’t managing every second and keeping them busy,” the author said.

Since experts believe fresh graduates lack soft skills, several institutions and businesses have chosen to provide training for them. This training includes courses on how to write emails, how to start conversations in the workplace, and even how to know what to wear to work.

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Productivity vs. Perceptions

According to a survey of workers in the US, UK, Germany, France, Poland, and Japan, Gen Zers and millennials are two to three times more likely than their Gen X and baby boomer counterparts to feel excluded from online corporate meetings.

Ivan Schury, a 17-year-old supervisor at the John Ball Zoo, told the Journal that the pandemic’s aftermath left him and his fellow teenagers feeling disoriented. He was thus always keeping a watch on other young employees in the kitchen, particularly one who frequently left his place at the fry station.

According to Schury, “He just kept walking away to talk to his friends at the counter.” I put a lot of effort into making sure everyone stays focused.

Contrary to what their bosses would think, nearly half of Gen Z employees claim that worry and anxiety, not laziness, are the main causes of their incapacity to self-start. According to Deloitte’s 2023 Gen Z and Millennial Survey, many young professionals reported feeling worn out or unengaged at work.

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Source: businessinsider

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