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Life-Saving Device: Smart Smoke Alarm Saves Dogs, Turtle, Mouse, and Home

A Shelby County couple in Ridge Walk experienced a life-saving event when a smart smoke detector alerted them to a fire in their home during the workday. 

Thanks to the timely notification, they were able to quickly call for help and evacuate their pets, including three dogs, a pet turtle, and a mouse. 

Shelby County Firefighters responded swiftly and were able to rescue all the animals and extinguish the fire before it caused significant damage to the property.

The fire, which was triggered by a malfunctioning heat lamp in the turtle’s tank, started around 2:15 pm. 

The woman residing in the home received an immediate alert on her phone when the smart smoke detectors began to sound off. 

Despite being 30 minutes away from the house, she wasted no time in calling 911 and notifying them of the fire.

Shelby County Firefighters arrived at the scene within minutes and managed to rescue all the pets from the house. 

The woman expressed her immense relief when she saw the firefighters enter her home through the back door on her security cameras. 

They were able to contain the fire, which had primarily affected the turtle’s aquarium, preventing further damage to the property.

The couple credits the smart smoke detectors, particularly the Google Nest smoke alarms, for saving their pets and home.

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Smart Smoke Detector Saves Pets and Home: A Fire Safety Reminder

A Shelby County couple in Ridge Walk experienced a life-saving event when a smart smoke detector alerted them to a fire in their home during the workday.

The detectors’ early warning allowed them to take prompt action and summon help, ensuring the safety of their beloved animals. 

The woman expressed her gratitude to the firefighters for their rapid response and for safeguarding her cherished pets.

This incident serves as a reminder of the critical role that smart smoke detectors and other fire safety measures play in protecting lives and property. 

The couple acknowledged that while they had taken precautions against security breaches with cameras and surveillance, the fire event underscored the significance of being prepared for potential fire emergencies as well.

The quick response of a smart smoke detector undoubtedly saved the lives of three dogs, a pet turtle, and a mouse, as well as a home in Shelby County. 

As the couple reflects on this life-saving experience, they hope their story encourages others to prioritize fire safety measures and consider incorporating smart smoke detectors into their homes.

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Source: News 3 Channel


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