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Hunter Biden and Wife Spotted in LA Amidst Mounting Legal Troubles

Hunter Biden, the embattled first son of President Joe Biden, finds himself entangled in a web of legal troubles as damning testimony from his former business partner, Devon Archer, comes to light. 

While Hunter maintains a low profile with his wife, Melissa Cohen, in Los Angeles, revelations from Archer’s five-hour interview with the House Oversight Committee have the potential to further complicate the Biden family’s foreign business dealings and potentially implicate President Biden.

Exclusive photos captured Hunter Biden, 53, and his wife, Melissa Cohen, 37, leaving an office building in Los Angeles. 

Accompanied by their Secret Service detail, the couple’s outing to a medical facility in Beverly Hills raised eyebrows amidst mounting scrutiny over Hunter’s overseas dealings. 

Despite the seriousness of the situation, they appeared somber yet composed.

Devon Archer, who served with Hunter on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma, has emerged as a key witness in the investigation into Hunter’s foreign business dealings. 

In his closed-door testimony to the House Oversight Committee, Archer alleged that Joe Biden’s influence played a role in securing lucrative foreign deals for Hunter.

According to Archer’s testimony transcript obtained by, he stated that the Biden family’s influential ‘brand’ served as a protective shield for Burisma, deterring potential challenges. 

He claimed that Hunter’s position on the company’s board and access to his father’s political clout in Washington, where Joe Biden was then the vice president, contributed to the company’s longevity and ability to navigate the political landscape.

Archer confirmed that Hunter put Joe on speakerphone numerous times during business meetings, which he considered a signal of value. 

Hunter leveraged his father’s status for defensive purposes, as revealed in the transcript. 

Additionally, Archer disclosed that Joe Biden attended in-person dinners with Hunter and his foreign business partners, and funds were subsequently wired to Biden-affiliated companies.

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Archer’s Subpoena & Testimony Legal Threats for Biden

Hunter Biden, the embattled first son of President Joe Biden, finds himself entangled in a web of legal troubles as damning testimony from his former business partner, Devon Archer, comes to light.

Devon Archer, already facing legal issues of his own, has been subpoenaed by the House Oversight Committee. 

He is under investigation for his role in Hunter Biden’s businesses and potential improper use of connections. 

Archer was previously sentenced to one year and a day in prison in connection with defrauding a Native American tribal entity and investment advisory clients of tens of millions of dollars.

As the investigation unfolds, the testimony and evidence gathered could have significant implications for President Joe Biden. 

Critics argue that the testimony reveals potential conflicts of interest during Biden’s vice-presidential tenure and raises questions about the Biden family’s business dealings.

As Hunter Biden and his wife continue to keep a low profile in Los Angeles, the legal scrutiny surrounding his foreign business deals only intensifies. 

Devon Archer’s damning testimony regarding the Biden family’s connections and influence over lucrative deals has the potential to create further legal challenges for the first son and cast shadows over President Biden’s administration. 

The ongoing investigation will likely remain a focal point in the political landscape, with implications that could extend far beyond the Biden family.

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Source: Daily Mail


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