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Atlanta Popeyes Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Attack on Customer

A shocking incident at a Popeyes restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, has led to a new lawsuit, accusing employees of attacking a customer in the drive-thru. 

Denetra Dawson, who sought to correct an incorrect order, allegedly suffered physical and emotional harm as employees reportedly assaulted her, leaving her bruised and pulling out a chunk of her hair. 

The incident, which occurred in September 2022, prompted legal action against the individuals involved and the company that owns the restaurant. 

The case highlights concerns over customer safety and raises questions about proper background checks for restaurant employees.

According to the lawsuit filed in Atlanta, Denetra Dawson faced violence from employees at the Popeyes location on Cleveland Avenue after she tried to have her order corrected. 

The situation escalated as words were exchanged, and three employees allegedly attacked her, causing her distress and fearing for her life. 

In self-defense, Dawson resorted to pulling out a gun to deter the attackers, and she later contacted the Atlanta Police.

The David Bozeman Law Firm is representing Denetra Dawson in the lawsuit, which targets the individuals involved in the attack and the company that owns the restaurant. 

Attorney Mawuli Davis contends that Popeyes showed negligence by hiring a manager with a documented history of violent acts without conducting proper background checks.

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Lawsuit Exposes Popeyes Atlanta Safety Concerns

A shocking incident at a Popeyes restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, has led to a new lawsuit, accusing employees of attacking a customer in the drive-thru.

The lawsuit aims to hold the restaurant accountable for the alleged incident and seek justice for their client.

In response to the incident and the lawsuit, Popeyes released a statement expressing their absolutely no tolerance for violence of any kind in their restaurants. 

The franchisee of the Atlanta Popeyes confirmed the incident and immediately terminated the employees involved. 

However, the company refrained from sharing further details due to the ongoing lawsuit related to the incident.

The disturbing incident at the Atlanta Popeyes restaurant brings to light the importance of ensuring customer safety within establishments. 

It raises concerns about employee screening processes and the responsibility of companies to prioritize the well-being of their patrons. 

As the lawsuit unfolds, it serves as a poignant reminder for businesses to uphold stringent safety measures and accountability to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The lawsuit against Popeyes and its employees sheds light on the alleged violent attack that occurred at their Atlanta restaurant drive-thru. 

Denetra Dawson’s harrowing experience has prompted legal action, drawing attention to the significance of customer safety and the need for thorough background checks during the hiring process. 

As the case progresses, it underscores the importance of holding companies accountable for the well-being of their customers and ensuring that establishments are secure and welcoming places for all.

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Source: Fox News

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