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Choosing the Right Amex Card: American Express Delta SkyMiles Gold vs. American Express Gold Card

It might be challenging to choose the best travel credit card from the vast selection available. While the Delta SkyMiles® Gold American Express Card is a cost-effective yet rewarding choice for Delta passengers, the American Express® Gold Card is a well-liked alternative for consumers who often dine out or travel.

The American Express Gold Card will be the best option if you can afford the very high $250 annual fee (see rates and fees). It provides higher incentives for folks who enjoy dining out as well as more benefits for tourists. Additionally, it frees you from being tied to a specific airline. 

The Gold Card’s benefits can also be used for a number of bounties

The Delta SkyMiles Gold, in contrast, is a midrange airline credit card, making it somewhat less expensive than the Amex Gold. However, its applicability is limited because it can only be used with Delta Airlines.

With the Amex Gold Card, you have additional options for the airlines you may fly with and the ways you can use your points. 

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Rewards and Perks

Amex provides a broad variety of travel partners to which you can transfer your points in order to pay for your journey, in addition to statement credits and travel reservations. You may only use the points you earn with the Delta SkyMiles Gold card to book flights with Delta at the moment.

In terms of value, we discovered that Amex Membership Rewards® points are worth 1 cent when used to purchase flights through American Express Travel, whereas Delta miles are normally valued between 1 and 1.2 cents. 

A different per-point value might result from alternative redemption methods. Considering those assessments, it follows that when redeemed for travel, the Amex Gold card may earn a return of up to 4%, while the Delta card can earn a return of up to 2.4%.

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Source: Cnet

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