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Loki Strikes Back with $140 Million Budget for Season 2

In an effort to revive its flagging Marvel Studios business following a spate of critical and economic flops, Disney has disclosed that it spent $141.3 million (£110.6 million) on pre-production and filming of Loki’s second season.

The cost of pre-production and production for Loki Season 2 was more than that of several major Marvel films, including Doctor Strange (£102.7 million), Thor 2: The Dark World (£99.4 million), and Guardians of the Galaxy (£91.1 million).

Tom Hiddleston plays the titular Asgardian god of mischief in the upcoming 2021 sequel, which will make its Disney+ premiere in October. To stop a time-traveling tyrant named Kang, he is aided by Owen Wilson and a new cast member, Oscar-winning Indiana Jones actor Ke Huy Quan.

On Monday, Disney unveiled the first teaser for Season 2, which features Hiddleston’s character fading in and out of existence, giving fans their most thorough look yet at the program.

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Godly Investment

Regarding Quan’s performance, one admirer exclaimed, “This is the greatest thing to ever happen. I adore this man.” 

One fan even went so far as to claim that Quan alone was enough to make them watch the show, saying it was “like seeing an old friend. It is comforting to see him on screen.” It is more than can be said for the majority of Marvel’s productions this year. 

With the sci-fi movie Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which debuted in February and included the Kang character, the studio ushered in 2023.  The Ant-Man trilogy’s greatest second-weekend loss ever occurred as a consequence of its domestic launch weekend box office, which peaked at $106 million and set a record for the series.

However, after that, it dropped by 70%. Compared to both of its prequels, the movie’s final global box office take of $476.1 million was lower. Disney invested a total of $193.2 million in pre-production and filming, as we previously said.

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