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Spectrum Lands Major Contract in America’s Dairyland

Spectrum Enterprise’s recent multi-year contract with the State of Wisconsin Department of Administration represents a significant milestone for the company. This agreement allows Spectrum to offer its comprehensive range of network, internet connectivity, and cybersecurity solutions to various government agencies and educational institutions in the state.

By becoming an approved vendor, Spectrum can now simplify the procurement process for eligible organizations, making it easier for them to access the company’s services through the State of Wisconsin VendorNet platform.

To enhance its services to the public sector and educational entities, Spectrum requires its local account managers in Wisconsin to undergo specialized training and become certified by the Center for Digital Government as State and Local Government Market Professionals and Education Market Professionals, respectively.

This commitment to training sets Spectrum apart as the first company to achieve these certifications from the Center for Digital Government.

The objective is to equip their sales teams with in-depth knowledge and understanding of their clients’ challenges and needs, enabling them to engage in more meaningful conversations and provide tailored solutions to address both their current requirements and future plans.

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Spectrum’s Co-Managed Services for Network Administration

Spectrum Enterprise’s recent multi-year contract with the State of Wisconsin Department of Administration represents a significant milestone for the company.


Aside from its partnership with Wisconsin, Spectrum is also involved in similar state contracts in California, New York, Ohio, and Texas. The company has noticed a growing demand for cybersecurity protections and managed IT services due to the increasing prevalence of cyber threats.

Organizations are increasingly relying on private networks and accessing public cloud connections, making secure networking crucial to safeguarding sensitive data and resources.

In response to this trend, Spectrum offers managed cybersecurity services that include design, implementation, and continuous monitoring, providing valuable support to overburdened IT teams in combating complex cybersecurity threats.

Furthermore, Spectrum’s fully or co-managed services aim to help IT teams streamline their operations and reduce the workload associated with network administration.

By providing these services, the company ensures that its clients can focus on their core responsibilities while leaving the network management and cybersecurity aspects to the experts at Spectrum.

In conclusion, Spectrum Enterprise’s contract with the State of Wisconsin and its participation in similar state contracts in other regions highlight the company’s commitment to providing reliable and secure technology solutions to government and educational clients.

Their emphasis on well-trained sales teams and managed services reflects their dedication to meeting the specific needs of their customers, ultimately helping them to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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