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Barbie Ken Casting: Surprising Roster of Actors in Contention

In the next “Barbie” movie, Ryan Gosling may or may not be your dream Ken, but one of the film’s casting directors has revealed who else might have won the part.

Allison Jones, who cast the popular movie alongside Lucy Bevan, discussed who else might have lived with Barbie in her fantasy home in an interview with Vanity Fair. There are various Barbies and Kens played by a diverse ensemble, just like the line of dolls the film is based on.

However, not everyone who wanted to could take part. Jones claims that because of COVID regulations at the time, he was forced to spend three months in London, where the majority of the movie was shot. Thus, Ben Platt, Dan Levy, and Bowen Yang were no longer candidates to play Ken.

She claimed that they were genuinely disappointed that they couldn’t pull it off. They were not the only ones vying for the part, either. Simu Liu, who was eventually cast as one of the Kens, was “dying to be a Ken; God bless him,” according to Jones.

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Toy Box Twist

Additionally, she revealed an actor who had to decline the part of Ken’s friend Allan. According to the casting director, “Dear, dear Jonathan Groff was like, ‘I can’t believe I’m typing this, but I can’t do Allan,'” the magazine reported. Michael Cera was cast in place of that person.

The filmmaker Greta Gerwig was eager to speak with the potential actors before even providing them the screenplay to read, according to Bevan, who claims that numerous would-be Barbie and Kens sent in audition recordings.

Bevan said she was quite interested in getting to know them as individuals. She placed a lot of importance on that. She spoke to them about the important Barbie and Ken roles, and she came away with a pretty excellent impression of what an actress was like.

Although several other Barbies in the movie are played by a varied range of actors, including Kate McKinnon, Issa Rae, and Dua Lipa, Margot Robbie landed the lead role of Barbie.

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Source: CNN

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